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Use Social Media To Promote Your Art

There are many artists who are a bit confused about the first steps to do to self-promote their work online. For non-tech savvy individuals and for those who are new to internet marketing, social media is the place to start. Social media is a place on the internet where most people go and interact. They can do a lot of things in social media such as share video and music files including images of all sorts. However, one should take caution on the kind of stuff being shared.

So how to promote your art in social media? First, know which social media sites you would like to put your art onto. You could choose the top social media sites today – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Yes, YouTube. Do you know that YouTube has eventually turned into a place where people share files (video files) and interact too? Let’s start with the basics of promotion.

How to promote your art on social media

1. Make your art available for your audience (or people as a whole). You don’t want to force or even convince people to see your work, much more to support your art. You would rather want to make your art available for people to see and promotion would come naturally. You can choose to buy YouTube likes but do so at your own risk.

2. Be strategic. Don’t spam people. You can avoid this by creating a great strategy on sharing your art. Don’t post the same thing over and over again. Do one or two really good on-time posts. These kind of posts. To know which content works, you can look into the analytics of social media platforms. What you are really trying to do is to understand your audience. What is the best time your viewers are visiting your site? Which of the posts you have recently shared is most seen and etc.

3. Create a dialogue. There’s a difference between creating a dialogue and just informing the people. Creating a dialogue allows you to get your to know your audience better. You can do this by keeping your audience more engaged. The more engaged they are with your content, the more likely that they are going to buy and introduce your products to others.

New Brewing Tech That Can Drive The Future?

In the simplest explanation, a hologram is a 3-Dimensional representation of the photographically recorded light field. This is a 100% accurate representation of a physical object and could be seen without using specially designed glasses. However, such a definition could cause confusion in today’s time. Today, nearly any 3D interactive virtual image is deemed to be a hologram.

3D interactive images can be used in simple instructional courses such as presentation of car care tips when applying for a new driver’s license or for first-time drivers. 3D interactive designs are also being used in creative designs.

While it is tempting to think of a myriad of entertainment applications that can be used for it, this technology is more than just a movie effect or entertainment application.

Try to imagine integrating 3D images or hologram of terrains in training soldiers or helping in rescue missions during natural catastrophe such as floods as well as earthquakes. Well what about a surgeon who is preparing for an operation and has access to 3D image of a compromised organ? Think as well of mechanics working on your automobile who can easily spot and fix the issues it has. It sounds futuristic but it slowly but surely, these things are being put into reality.

It’s a Billion Dollar Industry on the Rise


Let me give you an example. Tech giant Microsoft has already invested millions of dollars to develop and program HoloLens. This is a special headset that enables interaction with holograms. Both Hyundai and Porsche has poured in 80 million as well in holographic AR tech firm WayRay while Time Warner has pledged 27 million dollars for celebrity hologram company named 8i.

The truth is, the value of these new techs is forecasted to meet or rise to 5.5 billion dollars by the year 2020. All these enormous investments are putting more and more companies in a stiff competition in delivering these companies the best tech the world has.

But since the industry is still at its early stage, it’s actually a free-for-all battle on who will come up on top.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Hologram Tech

More often than not, people envision holograms as being in a dark room with shiny laser creating an illustration of an object. They think that these are only 2D surfaces that utilize optical tricks in displaying 3D images. Yet, if you are going to see at a different angle, you will notice that there’s lacking of depth in visualization. To resolve this issue, companies in this industry are turning to AR apps and headsets while others are looking forward to making holograms visible with the naked eye.

Abstract: History and Advancement


Let us imagine we are optically canvassing a symbolic art, a scene at which it portrays a mossy wooded area concealed in a minimal fog using a cascading shallow stream running through it. We love the caliber of its comeliness, and a few people become awestricken by its own magic all can accede with what we are examining, and feel that the mist in the atmosphere and smell the moss. It disturbs us even if it’s for a short moment – transforms our perturbances to a grade of calm, and also forget our problems . We ambulate from other paintings that doesn’t engender feelings and the phrenic conceptions and the painting, and it flip and optically canvass over and over, wanting to possess more of the encounter that is congenial.

That is the psychological response we feel towards this exact representational artwork we plenarily know. It conveyed a message within the bounds. The experience was not the visual magnetization. It was the concept which it conveyed to us that magnetized us. The virtuosity by that it engendered becomes secondary to the caliber of its supply and the paramountcy of the message. The message does not need exactly the exact same significance for each and every viewer, it’s the amalgamation of the experience, the message along with the two that determines a construal which causes the viewer.

By adumbrating and dividing with sharp stones on the walls of the cave, to the magnificence of the technology, man has peregrinated via an amazing advancement in the arts one of a number of different dynamics of existence. From people who’ve accepted the bounds of ecological elements and the culture, have stayed loyal and true to what they expected and had been sanctioned to engender in the kind of figurative arts and symbolic. However, the precocious, who had a vigilance of kind of accurate and esse possibility, desired to move without a tolerance for entrapment and suppression past the conspicuous. In which the procurement of the liberation was possible they turned into the visionaries who hunted liberation of saying and eluded everywhere.

Technology is a very big help for artists. This unlike before, boost the promotion of anything, just like dota 2 boosting for players who wants t rank on top. The culture of the artists who paint, and the culture of the painting itself reflects on the technology for it will also not be shaped without the help of the history or valuing the authenticity of the practice a painter started upto the present time.

Art Therapy as Treatment for Dementia

Dementia is a common condition among people of old age. It is defined as the condition wherein a person will experience memory deterioration, quite difficulty in speaking, problem solving ability, and other crucial abilities that may affect our everyday lives. You are probably thinking if Alzheimer’s is different from dementia, well yes it is different. The former one is more of a specific disease while the latter one is broad one where it will cover other types of disease such as diseases related to the heart and even Alzheimer’s.  Basically any disease that may affect the brain may be categorized as a form of Dementia.

Possible Symptoms of Dementia 

The number one symptom of dementia is the frequency of memory loss or short-term memory. Other symptoms are related to memory loss such as: unable to pay bills, difficulty of remembering where a thing is placed, wandering around the house of the neighborhood, and  easily forget something that’s been recently said.

The thing about dementia is they are not easily spotted because the symptoms will develop slowly and you will only notice it when it gets worse. Which is why it is important not to ignore someone who is experiencing memory loss because it may lead to something worse. For prevention or early cure of the condition, demens test may be necessary

Dementia Causes

Damaged brain cells is the primary reason of having dementia. Since the brain cells are damaged, it will affect the ability of the brain to function properly. Moreover, you will have difficulty in talking with a person who has dementia because his/her communication skills will also be affected.

Art Therapy as a Way to Improve Life of People with Dementia

Since in most cases, dementia is difficult to  cure, there are studies that show how art improve the life of people with dementia. There are centers that use art, music, and dance  as a form of therapy. This is believed to be effective since the combination of these promote additional of colors to their lives. Through art related relatives dementia patients will realize that they still have the capability of putting color to their world.




How Music Helps in Games

Playing an extreme first-person shooter may feel somewhat strange with a lively 8-bit jingle from the backdrop. And intense battle music doesn’t lend to platformers that are 8-bit. Because, if we notice it or not, music has a massive influence on the air in almost any sport That is. The audio must fit position and the setting the participant is in to keep the immersion that’s so significant in games.

Music is a manifestation of culture.

The exact same goes in games. Video game music is frequently utilized to show myths about societies’ cultures. By way of instance, at the Fallout collection, the participant knows that the game occurs later on, but there’s an emphasis on 1950s American culture, according to popular style, decoration, and — you guessed it — songs. Pairing classic music juxtaposed from the postwar Fallout wasteland goes a very long way towards setting the match’s unsettling atmosphere.

Music in games may also be a type of benefit system that is secondary, using conditioning to affect the participant’s behaviour.

Video game audio makes gaming much more rewarding by leading a heightened awareness of fulfillment and significance. Mashing buttons to conquer a frost troll might be utterly useless in the grand scheme of things, however if that epic struggle chant is playing, you really feel as the destiny of the world rests in your own hands.

Enhancing Performance

Say what you may about games, but gambling isn’t any undertaking that is absent-minded. Taking a boss takes patience and attention. Video game audio has yet another purpose — to keep the participant intrigued. This is 1 function that impacts the gaming experience but goes unnoticed. When designing video game soundtracks, composers choose and make songs that make gamers participate.

This manner, video game music is designed to enhance listeners’ attention.

This caliber of video game audio has let it be used out of gaming to get a few applications that were surprising. Even though the idea is relatively new, a lot of men and women feel that productivity can be enhanced, and it’s becoming more and more common for pupils to obey game soundtracks while studying or doing assignments. Unblocked Games have interesting music in their wide selection of games, check it out and get entertained.

Unlike many songs, which may stand because works of art, the tunes have to meet many different purposes that are certain while being gratifying to hear. There’s not any question that arrangement game soundtracks and the composition is a challenging endeavor, but a soundtrack that is fantastic and flip a game. With the capacity to change the way players act and feel, video game audio is a medium.

Tips in Making a DIY: Out of Anything

The most modern art we are doing today, without the need for any background study of Van Gogh, or years to master arts, or accreditation and certificates… DIY. or otherwise known as Do It Yourself.

A lot of people are being crafty themselves, either they wanted to gift someone a cheap but valuable thing. Or they are getting creative with greeting cards. A DIY can be anything, it is a fun way to channel your inner Van Gogh or Dali. 

Today, hear these tips on what you should do in making a DIY out of anything.

Tips in DIY

Not because DIY is a free-to-do craft-making doesn’t mean that you just have to do what you wanted to do. Well, you can do but with a little tip, you can manage to pull off an efficient and more enjoyable way to DIY.

Let’s start with…

1 Using old materials

Such as old magazine, old paper, or anything that is found in your home. Having to DIY means having to reuse old things at home making it look new. No need for you to spend buying new materials for your DIY project.

2 Take notes

Just like any art crafting project, you always have to take down notes of the things that you needed and the things that you’re going to do. It is better to be organized when you DIY.


3 Safety

If you are doing heavy DIY projects then better be safe. Good idea to have gloves and goggles etc at hand before you start. Power and sharp tools are very dangerous things.