A Good Web Design – Overall Layout And Visual Appeal

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A good website design must have efficiently incorporated numerous factors like color, consistency, imagery, typography and most importantly functionality to create an excellent user experience. Moreover, it must also involve proper optimization for usability, both in form and aesthetics.

Elements of A Good Web Design

Although there are principles of design that are generally accepted, the brilliance of web design is that it is a form of art. Outstanding design does stand out from the rest, however make certain that the stakes that you bear are gauged as well as alterable and flexible if in the event they don’t work out the way you expect it to be.

Below are two of the many essential and vital elements of web design, in terms of visual appeal, that you’ll want to consider to ensure your web design is done right:

Overall Layout and Visual Look and Appeal

The overall appearance of your website is unquestionably a fundamental element of web design. First or initial impressions are crucial; hence you need to make a favorable lasting impression on your audience immediately after your web page loads. It merely takes users 50 milliseconds to shape up an outlook of your website, and that 50 milliseconds will decide whether your audience will continue on or just leave your site. This denotes that your web design must line up with comforting adjectives such as simple, easy, perceptive, tidy, manageable as well as accessible.

Color Schematic

Your color scheme as well as your choice of fonts will straightforwardly tip off your visitors on what to expect from your web site. Frequently, most beginner web designers begin with this. In terms of picking a color scheme, it is important to take note of the perspectives of your brand or the industry you are in together with the demographics of your target audience.

For instance, accountants and lawyers would usually have a deep blue or green color palette to indicate professionalism, whereas photographers usually go for black and white to really put on a display the vibrancy of their photographs. Parents with newborns will find soft pink, yellow and blue quite appealing, children in the K-6 level find vivid primary colors likeable, teenagers as well as young adults go for bold colors, whereas adults are somewhat more mature and refined in their choice of colors.

Other elements of web design to consider:

  • Typography
  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Mobile-friendly