6 : Surface

bubble black“When I hear the word surface, I think of the ocean, sailing, and beauty. .”

The artists chosen for this exhibition, are known for working their surface. Each one, lending a different feel to the exhibition, LeRone Wilson, working in encaustic, monochromatic, blending in with Leslie Bostrom’s Monster Flower Series and dominating the dining room, as if to say, I have more paint for your canvas. Wilson’s encaustic work, hand carved explores relationships with time and continuity.

Yvonne Love, using modeling clay and paint, carefully selecting her area to apply the material onto to. She finishes it with a smooth as glass feel that nearly asks the viewer to run a hand over it. These maps, and cell structure, are going to hold up over time, and play off of Wilson’s work as as stark contrast to his bold colors.

Arpie Najarian, cutting and sewing, her material together, onto Velum paper, likens her work to nature and organic forms that can be controlled.

Matthew G. Beall, has an incredible eye for capturing the light, and we’ve included some of his pieces from his last trip to Shell Beach, California. Matthew has stated he feels his work is never done, and that it is inspired by nature. I was drawn immediately to Anna Kasabian whom approached us and immediately became a perfect fit with her organic forms, highlighting Matthew’s images or his water, crashing into the fossils from 50Million years ago, all seem now to be in perfect harmony together, one surface on our back wall in the dining room.

Leslie Bostrom, a Rhode Island Resident and Professor at Brown University, explores how nature when not cared for imposes or disrupts the surface of our landscape. Creating larger than life animal figurers or flowers, often using her paints right out of the tube adds to the lure of drawing closer to her objects. Katie O’brien, graduating from The New England School of Art & Design and part of the LAH team, is known for creating bold surfaces. Her paintings are colorful outspoken expressions of a young artist beaming with enthusiasm, finding her voice and confident in her direction.

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