Art Therapy as Treatment for Dementia

Dementia is a common condition among people of old age. It is defined as the condition wherein a person will experience memory deterioration, quite difficulty in speaking, problem solving ability, and other crucial abilities that may affect our everyday lives. You are probably thinking if Alzheimer’s is different from dementia, well yes it is different. The former one is more of a specific disease while the latter one is broad one where it will cover other types of disease such as diseases related to the heart and even Alzheimer’s.  Basically any disease that may affect the brain may be categorized as a form of Dementia.

Possible Symptoms of Dementia 

The number one symptom of dementia is the frequency of memory loss or short-term memory. Other symptoms are related to memory loss such as: unable to pay bills, difficulty of remembering where a thing is placed, wandering around the house of the neighborhood, and  easily forget something that’s been recently said.

The thing about dementia is they are not easily spotted because the symptoms will develop slowly and you will only notice it when it gets worse. Which is why it is important not to ignore someone who is experiencing memory loss because it may lead to something worse. For prevention or early cure of the condition, demens test may be necessary

Dementia Causes

Damaged brain cells is the primary reason of having dementia. Since the brain cells are damaged, it will affect the ability of the brain to function properly. Moreover, you will have difficulty in talking with a person who has dementia because his/her communication skills will also be affected.

Art Therapy as a Way to Improve Life of People with Dementia

Since in most cases, dementia is difficult to  cure, there are studies that show how art improve the life of people with dementia. There are centers that use art, music, and dance  as a form of therapy. This is believed to be effective since the combination of these promote additional of colors to their lives. Through art related relatives dementia patients will realize that they still have the capability of putting color to their world.