The Art of Playing Piano

Music is one form of art thus, playing various musical instruments also does. There are different ways on how art can be applied on the industry of music and how music helps in games and in other social aspects. One of it is the utilization of instruments like master the piano keys. Learning and mastering the piano entail various training and developmental method to be able to make its playing as an art.

Different Ways of Making Piano Playing an Art

Here are some ways to incorporate art into playing piano.

Ear training

Learning piano needs a comprehensive enhancement of skills.  The ear training or playing musical instrument by ear is an essential element of this enhancement method. An ideal way to start piano lessons is via ear training activities. However, this training activity is mostly ignored by lots of piano instructors when it comes to note reading.

The best way to acquaint a student to music on the initial piano lesson is via singing of basic songs with words. Keep in mind that the first instrument to be used is our voice.

Solfege is the name of notes that should be introduced to students, and not the ABC! With this, students can able to sing a song using a solfege and not the words. In addition, the syllables of the solfege are recognized to guide ears to relate with a certain pitch in a quicker manner. As a result, students may acquire a great pitch viewpoint. This may come even prior to learning the way of proper notes reading represented as written symbols.

Subsequently, Kodaly method of the hand movements which show the level of the pitch is introduced. Kodaly method can also be utilized during the singing session of solfege. Doing this, the whole body is affected in reacting to the melody. This is a very effective way of training the ear.

Coaching rhythm

One real challenge being faced by piano teachers is the rhythm coaching. The beginning of this learning method primarily begins with presentation of the whole notes, half notes, quarter notes or the eight notes. Unfortunately, problems tend to encounter in times all the notes are being combined.