Stepping Up Your Animal Drawing Skills

Are you using pictures of animals as models for your paintings? If you do, then it is time to up your game by using live animals. There are numerous representational artists in various genres and media who are actually working from pictures. Still, nothing can substitute live subjects. Assuming that your town or city has an aquarium or zoo, then consider to frequent yourself there while working on your sketches.

Drawing live animals can give you a unique experience. It is like storing the memories of the animal’s shape and unique characteristics in your hand and on the paper, not just in relying on the photo or in your mind. Basically, it is a process that you would go through and not the outcome. You can find other tips and ideas on how you can draw live animals by checking this article on petfriendlypdx.

But for now, let us decipher tips that you can use as foundation on your drawings on the next lines.

Take Photos of Your Own

Fact is, best if you can draw photos that you have taken yourself. By making use of your own images, it can create a more authentic response, leading to a stronger and more powerful work. When drawing photos taken by others, you only see what others have seen at the instance they’ve clicked on the shutter. It is their vision that you are looking and not yours.

As you start with your drawing, it is preferable to look closely at the animal’s head. Create the most detailed observations that you could. Then, that is when you are ready to take out your pencil and paper and begin exploring rendering every part as accurate as possible. You may also use a mirror in checking your work. The parts that have to be corrected would be gone like magic. So just let your hands to move freely and don’t stress out yourself while in the process.

No Need to Rush

Remember, this is something that requires patience and diligence. Pushing yourself to learn it in rush would only cause frustration on your end.