Some Photography Tips to Consider When Taking Photos of Backyard Wildlife Visitors

Taking photos of different wild creatures visiting your backyard is a great way of kick starting your ambition of becoming a professional wildlife photographer. While some are wary about the dangers of chancing upon aggressive animals, not a few wildlife photographers debunk the notion that wild animals as photography subjects are inherently dangerous.

In North America, the average backyard, especially if used for gardening purposes can attract different kinds of wildlife. In many countries, particularly in rural areas, the arrival of wildlife in backyards are normal occurrences; although allowing them to make the backyard their permanent habitats can pose problems not only to the homeowners, but to the community as well

Still, while there is a need to eventually address the problem of having wild animals become permanent fixtures in one’s backyard before they grow in numbers, it would be best to call a team of wildlife removal experts to address the issue. These wildlife experts are also conservationists who are knowledgeable on how to relocate, as well as prevent the animals from returning frequently, by using the most humane methods possible.

Still, to optimize opportunities of having wildlife visitors in your background, many professional photographers share tips on how to take photographs of the different creatures that commonly visit backyards.

Some Backyard Photography Tips Shared by Professional Wildlife Photographers

Birds in the Backyard

Birds, the most common of all backyard visitors require a bit of knowledge and a lot of patience in order to produce the most rewarding photographs. Birds in different varieties are greatly attracted to back gardens, and if you will give them plenty of what they are looking for like food, water and temporary shelter where they can safely breed, you’ll have lots of opportunities to shoot interesting bird images in different natural poses.

Mammals as Backyard Visitors

A number of mammals like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, rabbits or skunks can become regular visitors to vegetable gardens, Mainly because they can find a regular supply of nuts and seeds, as well as earthworms, slugs and different garden insects.

However they are a great challenge to catch as photography subjects because most mammals have keen senses of smell and hearing, they are likely to scurry away at the first sign of possible danger. The best approach is to take photographs from inside your house while using a remote shutter release. After you’ve taken some shots and still want them to visit your backyard, gradually make your presence known until they get to sense that you have no intention of harming them.

Displaced Amphibians and Reptiles that Find Your Backyard Appealing as a Habitat

An increasing number of amphibians and reptiles have been displaced due to loss of their natural habitats as a result of the frequent wildfire occurrences. Many of these wildlife species look for breeding pools and will likely find the ideal spot in your back garden pond. Some may even stay longer if the damp and constantly moist parts of your garden serve as a safe shelter

As most reptiles and amphibians are nocturnal creatures, most photographers use multiple types of external camera flashes and diffusers so they can take photographs of these wildlife under controlled lightings. At the same time, you must take care not to make your presence impact whatever activities they are doing so you can capture them in their most exotic natural poses.