Art Of Humanity: Give Shovel Trade A Face

Human relationships are built primarily on mutual trust and a personal relationship with one another. It’s the same in business. If someone trusts you and can identify with what you do, they will be happy to do business with you. Companies are created by people and built for people, so why deliver robotic, impersonal messages?

To build trust and enable personal connections, you should do one thing above all: let your audience look behind the scenes; give your brand a human face and show the personalities behind your off road shovel company. This allows customers to relate to you or your company. This also means that the brand is better remembered. The difference between marketing you listen to and marketing you quickly forget is, among other things, this level of humanity.

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Art of humanity: How to give your off road shovel business a face

Put your employees in the spotlight

Your employees are an important key to conveying humanity. Showing real people at ‘work’ can help build trust with potential customers and at the same time increase the likelihood of retaining a customer permanently. Here, for example, it makes sense to use photos or videos of employees. Place the faces of your employees in different places on your page.

Use your employees’ social media pages as a stage

In today’s social media world, the majority of people have a personal and active social media account. These channels can also be used for the company by asking the employees to present and report on the brand on their personal pages.

Relate to audiences – Personalize your automated marketing

Engaging with the customer on a personal level is a key factor that helps make your brand feel more human. This can be implemented, for example, by addressing the customer in e-mails by their first name and creating a direct personal connection with pronouns such as ‘you’, ‘I’, or ‘we’. In addition, the e-mails should be individually adapted to the individual customer; For example, if someone is just starting out and is just getting to know the company, they will increasingly need helpful content and information.

Thank the loyal audience

It can also be helpful to reward a new or particularly loyal customer with a small gift. Even if it’s just a thank you letter or a small gift, the customer will be happy about the recognition and the personal gesture. You can personalize and design your thank-you gifts. This makes your customers aware that they valued and are grateful for their loyalty.