Making a Career Out of Hidden Artistic Skills

The art industry is so broad it offers lots of opportunities for building a career out of hidden artistic skills to enhance, create or recreate images or designs. Although there are advanced technologies and software used by art producers, product manufacturers, digital marketers and promoters, human artistry is still an important element because it directly tugs at the strings of human emotions.

Some people though tend to underestimate their hidden talents as not worthy of being considered for higher pays. However, in 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with a report naming several art-oriented occupations that pay higher than the $46,800 annual median salary earned by most U.S workers. This means individuals with hidden artistic skills should not short-sell their ability to create designs, arrangements, animations or recreate images or models either manually, digitally or both.

In fact, the Great Resignation spawned by the pandemic period made many workers realize they can use their hidden creative talents and skills to survive the effects of job loss.

Examples of Art-Based Occupations that Pay More than the Annual Median Salary

Makeup Artists

Makeup artists particularly those who have the ability to transform the features of a customer to resemble a famous celebrity have carved names for themselves in the theater and stage production industry. Although the health crisis has eased down, important personalities and celebrities prefer retaining the services of a personal makeup artist, instead of relying on their favorite beauty salon to send just anyone.

The great thing about being a makeup artist is that you don’t have to be a graduate of any degree to be highly sought after. Your past works and work ethics will serve you well enough as your credentials. Still, it’s important that you are licensed, which makes it necessary to know the basics and critical requirements of a cosmetology profession.

Web Developers

Web developers are technology-oriented creators and designers who have been seeing a great demand for their services now that e-commerce has become mainstream. Their creative ability is not only in designing a search engine optimized (SEO) website, but also in making sure that a website can perform well especially in responding to mobile device users.

An associate degree is good enough as educational foundation from which to learn the basics of web-desinging. The advantage of being a web designers is that one can work as a freelancer and at the same time, as a regular employee of any company. Doing so gives web designers extra opportunities to augment their monthly income from online sources.

Other Examples of Art-Oriented Professions that Can Bring Extra Income

Actually, there are numerous art-oriented professions that many laid-off individuals with hidden talents turned to as a source of extra income. The BLS 2018 report enumerated about 15 occupations that had a lot of growth potentials even prior to the pandemic.

To name some without providing much details, the list includes fashion designers, drama and acting workshop teachers, music instrument teachers, voice coaches, multimedia animators and artists, technical writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, landscape artists and social media managers, just to name a few.

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