Make Prints Of Your Art And Make A Profit

Eventually, artists will come to the point of selling their art. Personal works can always be in the possession of the artists, but there are copies that are created specifically for sale in the market. But of course, to an artist, every work of art created is personal because with every work, the artist has invested a part of themselves into it. That’s why there are artists who are not willing to let go of their work, especially so if it means selling all the rights to someone else. The thought is unbearable.

Well, here’s good news for artists who are not willing to let go of their original work, but you can still share it out in the market and profit from it. What you can do is to sell prints of your work so that you still get to keep the original. So if you decide to take this route, you can check out the best printers that has already been tested by velgenklere. While these printers may not produce the perfect copy of the original, it can still serve its purpose of replicating your work of art.

The Type Of Art Print You Want To Sell

  • Art Print: There are many ways to print your work. Your customers will demand quality, and you want to provide them with quality. Therefore, your prints must comply with industry standards. The best way is to provide giclée printing. Giclée is a printing process that ensures long life and print quality. This is also very “real” to the original artwork.
  • Ink: Ink must be of high quality and be considered “archive”. This is usually achieved using pigment-based inks instead of dyes.
  • Surface: he surface is also important because Giclee printing must be printed on the “archive” surface. It may refer to canvas, watercolor or rag paper, or any specifically designed paper made for printing, usually marked with the word Archive or Archival.
  • Resolution: Most digital photos have a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch). This resolution is okay for digital photos, however it does not meet printing standards which is at least 300 dpi. Nevertheless, you can easily change the resolution using an image editing program such as Photoshop or Gimp before printing.

Note: For those new to giclée printing, this type of printing means high-quality printing that is usually done on contemporary huge format inkjet printers.

What is giclée printing?

For most of us, the standard inkjet printer in our home does not produce Giclee prints. It can produce beautiful copies, but it is not necessarily considered a “giclee”. To produce high-quality giclee printing, several conditions regarding printer, ink, surface, and print resolution must be met.

Printers-Giclee prints are usually made by large format inkjet printers. These printers have small nozzles that can accurately apply ink and also match colors.

To summarize, the printing market is huge, and many artists have been unable to access it for many years. In the past, you had to find a printing manufacturer to produce, distribute, and sell your prints for you. Or you can buy your own printing machine and sell it yourself, but it is very difficult to distribute it on a large scale. Some artists still follow these routes today, but if you want to maximize your results, the best solution is to print and sell them yourself.