Packing and Moving Expensive Artworks

So, you are moving out and you have few precious stuff you don’t want to be damaged throughout the process. Perhaps, you just got tons of them that you can’t do it on your own. Or maybe, it is your fine artworks that you need to move out. In this regard, extra precaution has to be taken into consideration. This ensures that any troubles would be minimized down to zero.

Always have a Backup

If you will be doing the entire moving process, then it will be wise to know some contacts from towing companies. By having such backup plan, you know you can call someone who can rescue you, in the event that your car or truck breaks down on the side of the road.

Now in regards to the actual process of packing and moving your artworks, there are few steps you need to be mindful about.

Number 1. Get a piece of cardboard and slide it underneath your painting. See to it that your fingers and hands are off of the piece and only handle the cardboard.

Number 2. Look for newspaper or tissue paper and put it over the painting, face up. You might consider taping the paper especially on the corners but see to it that it’s not close to the painting itself.

Number 3. Use another piece of cardboard to cover the face of the painting.

Number 4. On each side of your artwork, put another sheet in order to prevent bends on the artwork and to have a strong foundation on it as well.

Number 5. Wrap tape around these cardboards.

Number 6. With this contraption you have, put the painting on corrugated cardboards or hardwood. Then after, tape all the sides.

If you follow everything, then your artwork must be good to go for transport.

Packing it Up

With your framed artworks, you are going to need strong boxes for it. In this scenario, it is highly recommended to use mirror pack boxes. Additionally, you’re going to need bubble wrap as well as packing peanuts and of course, corner protectors.