Keeping the Creativity in Your Art Studio

Whether you’re working on your artwork in a studio or has a dedicated place in your house or whatnot, ensuring that your place is organized and clean is extremely important. Besides, a tidy studio helps in promoting productivity and creativity. If the idea of cleaning everything on your own stresses you already, then consider hiring the pros instead.

Advantages of a Clean Studio

Basically, there are several benefits that you can reap by just having a clean workspace and some of it include but not limited to the following:

  • Breathe better – performing simple dusting in your studio will remove pollen and dust that accumulate in the nook and corner. This way, you can avoid developing allergy symptoms and of course, feel healthier as well
  • Reduce stress – with a clean space, it simply reenergizes and refreshes you
  • Better time management – you are more likely to become productive with a space that is well-organized
  • Instant workout – the act of moving up and down, going here and there works your body. Indeed, it is a low-key workout.

Being the CEO of your own craft, you are expected to juggle on multiple roles; from being the art director, sales director, marketing director and everything in between. Separating your studio in distinctive spaces can help you to focus on what matters.

Tips for Improved Organization

While working on your studio, go through your materials and ask the question whether it sparks creativity or does it help you to be creative? To make the process simpler, organize your stuff into three piles.


These will be the materials that helps you in your creative process. Give these items a bit of cleaning to make them look like new.

Throw Away

These will be the materials that doesn’t do anything good to you. It may be anything from dried paint tubes, old brushes or even items that you have not thought or used for years.


For this pile, it is simply the art materials that are used gently and no longer of used but still, can be repurposed by emerging artists.