Things you should know about art

The formation process of the concept of art is subject to continuous change that reveals along with dynamic practices, discourses, and institutional instances.

Is everything allowed in art?

It is believed that there are limits when it comes to art. As for freedom in art, Ai Weiwei is the most prominent example of authoritarian governments’ attempts to circumcise artists.

Can you learn art?

Art is neither learnable nor teachable. Art arises from their instinct. People who say that art can be taught are either followers, mediocre, or dictators. Perhaps art schools are at least preparing their talents for life as an artist – and teaching them how to assert themselves in the tough commercial world of the art market without having to bend over.

What is the most important art trend today?

Street art is now less of a name for art that takes place on the street than a trend that is easy to sell. You want to appeal to a young audience, so everything is very flashy and trendy. Street artists may paint flashy but cheap self storage in london.

Why are artists often so eccentric?

Because people expect them to. While many people are stuck in the mechanisms of a 9-to-5 job, artists are supposed to lead a life full of freedom, creativity, and debauchery.

Can you make money with art?

A picture by the graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat achieved an increase in the value of almost 100 percent at an auction. Tempting, isn’t it? However, it would have taken almost $ 50 million to bid – plus enough change for insurance, transport, and safe storage. If you love art and occasionally buy something affordable, with a little luck you can experience an increase in value on a small scale. However, the risk in the stock market is lower.


Why is contemporary art frequently so hard to understand?

Art is an attempt to show and understand the world. In the beginning, cave paintings were sufficient, later battle paintings were in demand. The more complex society became, the more technology and possibilities advanced, the more abstract and artificial the art became. So-called ready- such as the famous urinal by Duchamp reflect industrialization. Concept art puts the idea above the execution. But it’s always about a radical confrontation with the present.