Visual Artists Shares Their Secret to Tiktok Success

TikTok is a media application where you can make and show your creativity and talents through short video recordings. It has grasped the hearts and brains of youngsters and even adults all over the world— it’s utilized in 150 nations and 75 dialects. In the present times, there are 500 million TikTok users, principally 15-25 years old, that represent a client base that keeps on developing exponentially.

How Do I Use TikTok?

Make use of TikTok like you’re visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory — with a receptive outlook and enough data transmission to withstand a smidgen of chaos. There is such a great amount to explore, find, and generate, it can feel both energizing and overpowering at the same time. Have some persistence as you acquaint yourself with the app.

Making your first post is moderately straight forward. Record your video, pick a music that your love, edit your video, add texts, and channels, at that point post. To team up with different Tiktok users, you can do a “duet,” which parts the screen between another user’s post and your own video, or a “response,” which superimposes another video over yours. These are extraordinary devices to help joint effort with individual craftsmen, to make difficulties for your fans to take an interest in and to begin or react to patterns.

Below are some of the famous visual artists that are on Tiktok. They shared some of the Best Tips for Tiktok Success. This is what they said:

Miranda the Hybrid

“As senseless and rambunctious as TikTok seems to be, it will attract a bigger number of watchers than some other apps or platform out there — in the event that you really know how to utilize it,” Miranda said. “This is something that took me some time to nail down, yet everything comes down to being relatable.”


He takes to TikTok with time-lapse by recordings that catch the detailed 8-hour method behind his works of art. Consolidated into short 60 second recordings, watchers can watch how he utilizes Japanese ink, watered-down acrylic, blue tape, and a hairdryer

Mary Clare Teller

Witness TikTok’s community highlights to extend your reach and advance your work. Mary Clare Teller is an advanced artist that hails from Cincinnati. She knows enough about the special features of TikTok such as challenges and duets.