Buying Artworks Straight from the Source

So, are you planning to grow your personal art collection? For sure, you are only eyeing for original pieces and perhaps, want to save as well by going directly to the source. The question left is, where you can find these artists and how can you be certain that you are making a great deal from them?

Indeed, it is a fulfilling and exciting experience to buy straight from the artist. This allows you to have an interaction and be educated behind the concept of the artwork you are buying. Aside from that, this will create a deeper and professional bond between the artist and the artwork that you are buying. It might be a bit intimidating to talk to the artist regarding their work. Contrary to popular belief, artists are very open and friendly to discuss about their work.

Finding Artists

Going to art gallery is definitely the first place you may be thinking to see varieties of styles and artworks. Aside from that, there are numerous benefits of doing such approach. Among which is the chance to buy straight from the artist and also, to access their entire portfolio from the oldest ones to projects that are still in the works.

Typically, you can find artists at art fairs or craft or in their studios or stores. You may discover artists too by doing a simple search online. However, do this only if you know what you are looking for.

Artist Co­ops

Artist co-ops are that special kind of gallery that is run by exhibiting artists. Smaller towns and cities frequently hold these kinds of galleries. The sales, promotions and reputation of shows in such galleries will range depending on the artist’s work. On the other hand, there’s definite chance that you’ll come across remarkable artworks made by ambitious and aspiring artists.

Open Studios

Open studios are basically special events where artists are opening their doors to interested individuals about their work spaces. This is to showcase some works that are still in progress and others that are up for sale. There are times that these events are organized by known art institutions but most of the time, they’re just low key affairs.

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