1 : Outside In

An international line-up of some of the world’s leading street artists and muralists, including Tammam Azzam, Icy and Sot, L7m, Adrián Sonni, Yazan Halwani, Antoine Paris, MOR and Coyote Painting Walls are showcasing original works in LAH’s premiere exhibition, “OUTSIDE IN”.

Street art has been gaining recognition from the art world as a legitimate form of art, thriving in cities like Miami, New York City, Cairo, Berlin and Beirut. “These works look past the cultural dissonances and speak to our humanity,” says Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic, Curator of Liquid Art House. “We are excited to feature these modern-day storytellers for the first time in Boston, in some cases the United States, whose art continues to transcend into gallery spaces around the globe.”

Poignant, quirky and sometimes messy, street art tackles the gray area between black and white perceptions. Many street artists are credited with revitalizing the urban landscape in their communities through social, political and environmental commentary, and continue to defy perceptions through a variety of media. Beyond reflecting society, urban art also strongly influenced different sectors like design, fashion, advertising and even language, technology and media.