2 : Fluxus

In Latin fluxus means “flow”, and fluere is “to flow”. A ubiquitous concept throughout physics and applied mathematics is the flow of a physical property in space. Featuring artists using various mediums and techniques, “Fluxus” explores a variety of natural subjects from landscape, flora, atmosphere, and vivid abstract paintings.

The works in the show are a canvas of stories that unfold and dance together to engage the viewer to look closer at a collapsed environment of natural and weather elements, environmental and contemporary issues. Fluxus exhibits artworks that are intellectually and physically provoking, yet invite the viewer to explore natural and color theories, intricate and vigorous techniques.

The exhibition aims to transform the gallery into a multi-dimensional space with a coherent representation of sculptural pieces combining modalities enabling the viewer to have meaningful mindful experiences. “Fluxus” is central to an adaptive and changing environment and allows us to perceive our world as a unified rotating multi-sensory space. Multisensory integration also deals with how various sensory modalities interact with one another and alter the perception of Liquid Art House continuously.

Featuring works by: