5 : Berlin Walled

Berlin Walled pays tribute to the era of Kuntshaus Tacheles, the abandoned and defunct department store in East Berlin that was overtaken by expat and local artists in 1989, in the aftermath of the Wall’s fall. The fearless squatters found a home in Tacheles and contributed to a newly unified city’s rebirth, booming creative economy and thriving art scene.

bubble black“Tacheles was a symbol for the changes at that time,” said Berlin-based artist Jaybo Monk. “They introduced me to the work of Futura 2000; they gave me the belief that a group of people could be able to transgress their idea in an institution which promoted the outsiders, the un-commoners, the squatters, the alternative society…But most important, Tacheles gave me the faith to believe in what I do.”

When the building was sold in 2012, the artists melted away but the spirit of Tacheles is kept alive by its diaspora through storytelling and tributes. Berlin Walled channels the spontaneous, edgy art style born out of Berlin’s counter culture —and Tacheles, where the very fringes of the arts were explored—with a curated line-up of artists from Berlin to Brooklyn to Boston.

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