Wesr ,

Danny Figueroa was born in 1980 in Chiclayo/Peru and grew up in the capital Lima where he has been active as a “grafitero” since 1996 under the pseudonym “Wesr”. Since September 2008 he lives and works in Berlin. The works of Figueroa are directly influenced by the Japanese manga culture which he mixes skillfully with the iconography of the Pre-Incan civilizations and with ethnic elements of the Peruvian culture. Hence his creative work is a perfect compromise between tradition and modernity. Figueroa often illustrates figures adorned with masks through which their inner character is revealed allowing for a variety of interpretations. The texture of narrow lines defining the structure of his works like scars grants access to the histories behind the unique personality of every singular character. The works of Figueroa include a cocktail of varied experiences of our own reality and of the collective consciousness. The complexity of the psyche is dissolved in surreal moments granting us access to a deep and subtle world. The work of Figueroa moves between murals and illustration.