Vytas Sakalas Tucson, AZ, USA

“Vytas Sakalas calls his work ‘Tranceformationism’ because while painting, he employs a meditative process that invariably leads to a mild state of trance. He began working with wrinkled canvas quite by accident… After attempting to wash a stained canvas in the washing machine and hanging to dry, he liked the wrinkles so much, he decided to work with them instead of trying to obliterate them by ironing them out. He saw the wrinkles as another manifestation of chance and randomness, which are ubiquitous in nature.”

Vytas Sakalas was born in 1951 in Newark, New Jersey. He received an Associate of Arts Degree in Cinema from the Los Angeles City College in 1974 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts from the York College of the City University of New York in 1977. Vytas paints with exacting detail, sometimes using a magnifying glass to execute precise shapes. Here he works on his most recent major work in the Atmosphere series. He often has several works in a different series of paintings in process at one time. Larger works may be in process for months, even years until he determines it is complete.