Sidney Cerqueira , Guiné-Bissau

“A mixture of colors, styles and social responsibility.”

Sidney Cerqueira is a visual arts painter from Guinea-Bissau born in Lisbon on December 16, 1980.  Being the son of Guinean parents, he was taken to the city of Bissau in Guinea-Bissau, where he lived until he turned 20, at which age he moved to Portugal to finish secondary school, and has lived there since the year 2000.  He began his foray in visual arts in Lisbon around 2004, and since then he has been seducing the art world with his paintings.  After experimenting with several techniques, ranging from charcoal to oils on canvas, Sidney today is the only visual arts painter in the former Portuguese speaking colonies that creates “Spontaneous Realism”, a style created by the renowned Voka.

His canvases are not only marked by striking colors and an amazing command of techniques using combinations of brush and spatula strokes, but they also call attention to controversial socio-cultural themes such as domestic violence and child-abuse to name a few.  His artistic repertoire incorporates social causes through the project “Cores de Esperanca”, a mobile initiative through which the artist’s concern with the plight of all children in the world, is expressed by creating art studios where children’s paintings are exposed along with his own work.  A portion of his proceeds and the youngster’s work is generally traded for school supplies which are later delivered to institutions that offer shelter to underprivileged children.  This project has been implemented in Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau Portugal and Senegal. In 2014 the project was implemented in Brazil for the first time.

Although his passion is visual arts, Sidney’s college major and background is related to the study of humanities.  He comes from a very intellectual family, and both sides of his family are lovers and dabblers of all forms of arts, namely literature, music, drawing, cinema, theatre, dance among many.  Sidney has five virtual galleries on his Facebook page, and each day it is accessed by more and more people. His artistic curriculum lists about 40 individual and collective expositions. The most noteworthy include “Dak’art 2014” in Senegal, “Galeria Teatro Municipal da Guarda” in Portugal, “LuxExpo 2014” in Luxembourg, “Camera Legistaltiva do Distrito Federal” in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, and “Vera World Fine Art Festival” in Lisbon. His work is currently at the Liquid Art House gallery in Boston, and this year he will be featured in Monaco for the first time in the month of May.