Rudy Van Nieuwenhove , Belgium

bubble black

You only have the sun for free if she shines and for the rest you must be working hard.

Hosting his first solo exhibition at age nineteen, Rudy Van Nieuwenhove has enjoyed a prolific career for more than three decades. Pop Art, Surrealism and Sculpture dominate a style that has delivered commercial success and increasing popularity with collectors in the Middle East and throughout Europe, most notably among France’s Champagne houses, which regularly commission Van Nieuwenhove’s exclusive frescoed paintings for labeling and hangings. Van Nieuwenhove has exhibited in the United States in New York City-Chelsa and Fort Lauderdale; abroad in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Taiwan and at the Royal Palace during Art Antwerp 2014.

Rudy Van Nieuwenhove Pop-up February 13th – 21st

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