Roberto De Siena , Italy

Roberto De Siena, a self-taught multifaceted artist, began his career in the ’80s with glass works: restoration of antique glass, glass fusing, glass etching, and execution of custom artistic pieces. In those years he founded “Lavorazioni artistiche” (“Artistic Works”), a meeting place for artists of all types: painters, sculptors, architects, musicians, which gave birth to various projects, exhibitions, collaborations.

Since the beginning of 2000, his introspective exploration on painting led him to an almost unstoppable daily investigation of new means of expression. Using various media, his work has been defined as an impressionistic material-oneiric abstractionism. He has participated in multiple exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In 2010, he won the jury’s prize at the International competition “la Materia e lo Spirito” (“Matter and Spirit”) in Piacenza, with “Metanemos”. In 2011, a first tour of the US exhibited some of his work in Washington and Phoenix, organized by the Quadriennale di Roma foundation, and received the Washington City Award for the originality and expressiveness of his works.

Roberto De Siena is also a talented musician devoted to the rediscovery of early music and their rehabilitation into the present. An expert player of the medieval instrument ghironda (hurdy-gurdy), he has participated in numerous musical projects, tours, and recordings.