Meghan Howland ,

Meghan Howland is an emerging artist living and working in Portland, Maine. Her paintings venture to examine larger cultural and emotional issues from an extremely personal point of inquiry. Through a haze of oil paint, we are confronted by disarmingly beautiful subjects and situations infused with a sense of yearning, loss, or disaster.

In recent work, subjects are bathed in dark and often strange versions of the natural world, engaged in a dreamlike struggle to merge the present with more ancient attitudes and ways of life. Seemingly naive to or unaffected by their ominous surroundings, figures (friends and family of the artist) explore and embody fragility, identity, and isolation. In constructing these environments alternatively as a means of escape or sanctuary, our world melds with an enveloping and sensual subconscious state. In this instant of tension, nature and our somewhat obscure relationship to it are momentarily illuminated.