Josie Morway , Boston MA

Josie Morway is a Massachusetts native, who has recently returned to live and work in Boston. Her large-scale oil paintings show in diverse venues, from pop-up galleries in Juarez, Mexico, to Thinkspace Gallery in LA and StolenSpace Gallery in London, as well as in institutions such as Massachusetts’ DeCordova Museum.

Josie is trained in graphic design and illustration, and has followed in her father’s footsteps to work as a traditional sign painter, creating hand-lettered works in paint and gold leaf around the country. A self-taught painter, she incorporates her passion for lettering and design into her work.

Josie uses wildlife imagery combined with patterns and abstractions from traditional arts – including sign painting, fashion, and ceramics – to explore the intersections of, and tensions between, the wild and the domestic. She is currently working with imagery of copper, gold and rare earth mining paired with her wildlife subjects. Using the striking colors and patterns that appear both in nature and as a result of the toxic processes of mining and other human endeavors, her paintings play with ideas of abundance vs. scarcity, perceptions of beauty and destruction, and what mankind projects upon and takes from nature.