Jordan Piantedosi , Boston MA

Jordan Piantedosi lives in her childhood home in Braintree Massachusetts with her wonderful parents and her Boston terrier.  Her paintings depict the female form, which, since the dawn of time, represents any concept, ideal, vice, emotional state, extenuated metaphor, time, space, or maybe a human being.  The compulsive pattern work that dapples her paintings is both prayer and prostration to the invisible worlds and dimensions and their sticky membranes that we all brush up against.  Jordan pays respectful homage to the five pounds of bacteria that ride around in our guts, for without them we would surely perish.  Eroticism begins at the cellular level, with our gametes, the crystal chalice and the golden dagger without which we would be but an army of clones.  Jordan spits into her acrylic paint so that in the future, her artwork may be used to successfully clone her, and she might live again.  Like every other artist, she longs for biological immortality, but will settle for cultural relevance, attention, a stiff drink, and a pile of money.