Heather McGrath , Boston MA

Growing up in her grandparents’ hardware store 20 miles south of Boston was the impetus of Heather McGrath’s DIY ethos and entrepreneurial spirit.  At 16 she asked for a computer instead of a car and taught herself Photoshop. At 17 she got herself into the graphic design program at CALARTS in Los Angeles. By 19 she left because her graphic design and image manipulation skills had advanced enough that she was able to start paying bills with income from her own clients.  At 22, she put her retouching and design skills to work for a small catalog where her boss asked her to get behind the camera and assist with photoshoots. Quickly her natural talent and passion for photography revealed itself. Heather’s new obsession made her quit design and pursue an education at New England School of Photography. After graduating with honors, she moved back to Los Angeles to apprentice under Art Brewer, a legendary action photographer. Brewer taught Heather the importance of client relationships – but above all – how to come back with the shot. Seven more years of building on knowledge through rigorous assisting, endless nights and early morning retouching, digital teching, and solo assignments materialized into her very own studio in the South End of Boston.

Her portfolio reflects her adventurous nature.  Heather loves creating sets and shooting beautiful raw organic subjects just as much as she loves physically taking risks and challenging herself to get the perfect shot. Even if it means climbing a telephone pole or being strapped in the bed of a truck shooting cars winding down hairpin turns- because that’s happened. Heather hopes her work will throw her out of an airplane one day.  Adrenaline is an intricate part of her creative process to make timeless images.

As a professional who understands the whole scope of a project, Heather’s dedication to incredible images is apparent in all her work. She values every step of the process: from the actual production that creates the shot, to post processing, design, layout and even tiny details such as how that ink will look on that certain matte paper in prepress. Raw talent, relentless hard work and years of retouching and design give Heather an edge that leads to satisfied clients.