Dainius Macikenas Vilnius, Lithuania

About the artist

From the first time I took my dad’s camera in the middle school in Lithuania and smelled the darkroom chemicals – I have been a photographer. Over the years I transitioned from photography as a craft to the self-expression of the digital era, that provides ever more tools for visualizing an idea, an emotion, and the artist is more free than ever from constrains of a specific medium or technique.
When I look back at my progression over the years, it is evident, that the constant in my art through the years is people. I love people, with all their inner beauty and idiosyncrasies. Photographer is a part of every photograph, unavoidably participating in fears, excitement, and fulfillment of phantasies of his subject. Thus I explore myself in connection with fellow humans. Phototherapy I call it. More of Dainius’s work

About “The Beauty of Dying”

“A man who is afraid of death will be afraid of life also, because life brings death. If you are afraid of the enemy and you close your door, the friend will also be prohibited.” Osho

The series “The Beauty of Dying” precipitated rather subconsciously at the vulnerable time of being afraid of living, of making mistakes and fear of loss. In search for freedom from anxiety of living I absorbed everything from Osho’s meditation resort in Pune (India) to Himalayan mountains, to Zen temples, to Tantra, to the Burning Man and many things and people in between. And in the process these pictures were created – they moved me to internalize the simple truth, so simply expressed by Osho. I only can be really alive when I allow myself to be vulnerable, when continuum of birth-life-death is internalized. Ego then dissolves, as it is no longer needed.