Painting pictures is easy – you just need to know how to start. Learning to paint is often a seemingly difficult thing for beginners. You’ll also find some helpful tips and tricks that can make it much easier to get started with picture-painting.

Children can paint, just like that. They don’t think about it, they take what they’re finding. The older you get, the bigger the hurdle becomes to simply paint on it. Why? Because painting is a matter of the head. Many beginners believe that it is their hand that does not do what they want. But that is not the case. Can you write your name? Then her hand can do everything necessary to paint. Painting is a matter of the head, and if you want to learn to paint, you have to be ready in your head.

Painting is easy

It’s really child’s play: take a sheet of paper, and some pen and start. Paint a few zigzag lines, a bow, and another bow. Paint an irregular shape. Or try to paint like a child. Just let the pen or brush run. Let the hand paint, free and without preset. Simply so that it is physically fun and mentally relaxing. Don’t try to paint realistically, even if that’s your goal. Realistically, you learn to paint not as a beginner, but as an advanced. But to learn it, you have to get to this stage. Be free and enjoy the vibrancy of the color.

Don’t be too busy

Don’t try to paint a masterpiece. Often, painting learning fails because of one’s own expectations. Don’t think too much. Let the color run free. Painting for beginners also means being humble. If you put yourself under pressure, painting will fail, especially among beginners.


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Starting again and again

Especially at the beginning, you should not “bite” into a picture. If you no longer know what might come next, quit this sheet. Start a new image, just as free and loose. Learning to paint is always about looking at what you’ve done. And the more sheets you can look at at the end of a painting afternoon or evening, the faster and more effectively you learn the painting.

As simple as possible

Mastering the hand is the smallest problem. It is much more important to get your head down in order to be able to follow your own creativity. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary technical frills. Mastering watercolor technology requires years of practice with watercolors.

Start with watercolors

Watercolors, such as a school ink box or a watercolor set for beginners, are much easier to handle. You can paint on paper. The images dry much faster and are much easier to store.