Weed and Creativity – Is there a connection?

Does bud improve imagination, or are individuals that are imaginative drawn to bud more? Does smoking a 1000 mg cbd vape oil on your alone time lead you to being more creative?

The Analysis

Researchers employed the Big 5 model of character to assess the character traits of 979 Colleges students. Then they asked the team to self-report their heights of imagination, among the students using two evaluations, and objectively quantified creativity.

2 Types of thought processes were quantified to evaluate participants’ levels of imagination:
  • Divergent – Participants had been requested to finish the Alternate Software Evaluation, where they had one moment to create as many applications for objects as they can envision to quantify thinking.
  • Convergent believing — a thought process which involves estimating a limited number of alternatives to get there at a single”right” response, such as a multiple choice test. To quantify convergent thinking, participants performed a Remote Associates Test, which”includes three unrelated stimulation words, which are connected with an alternative word”

What is causing stoners to excel within this measurement of imagination? It is largely a character trait known as “willingness to experience.” The investigators suggested:

“While mainstream press has propagated the notion that cannabis expands the brain and enhances imagination, our results reveal that the connection between cannabis and imagination is mainly a spurious correlation driven by differences in character (i.e., openness to experience) which are associated with both cannabis use and augmented imagination.”

As one of those measurements in the Big 5 model of character, openness to experience is distinguished by lively imagination (vision ), aesthetic significance, attentiveness to internal feelings, taste for variety, and intellectual curiosity. Individuals are more inclined to be tolerant of diversity, extraverted, and more liberal.

The results do imply that marijuana use doesn’t have any impact on imagination.

And many stimulants, in the brief term anyhow, raise output of a variety.” Flaherty asserts the question of whether marijuana usage promotes creativity primarily depends upon the character of the artist. “A very nervous creative person might find some advantage from cannabis. In down times, it may aid their imagination,” Flaherty said. “However, for somebody who’s in the corner, and who is not overly anxious to operate, it may push them in a spot of being laid back.”